Cadburys Father’s Day Treat Box


Father Day Treat Box/Cadbury’s Chocolate/Cadbury’s Father’s Day Treat Box/Happy Father’s Day/Gift/Irish/Dad/Daddy/Father/Best Dad Ever

The perfect Father’s Day gift for the Cadbury chocolate lover, packed with a selection of the most popular Cadbury’s chocolate bars.
This is the perfect budget friendly gift to send them, all wrapped up with ribbon and a gift tag for your personal message.

Box contains:
1 x Best Dad Ever chocolate bar 75g
1 x Sharing bag giant mixed buttons 115g
1 x Dairy milk or caramel bar 110g
1 x Wispa 25g
1 x Crunchie 26g
1 x Caramel 37g
1 x Picnic bar 38g
1 x Dairy milk bar 29g
1 x Double Decker 40g
1 x Dairy milk Oreo 41g
1 x Twirl 21g
1 x Flake 20g
1 x Fudge 22g
1 x Curly Wurly 21g
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