Family Late Late Toy Show Box


Family Late Late Toy Show Treat Box
What better way than snuggling up on the couch with your kids and watching the Late Late Toy with a hot chocolate and some yummy festive treats
Late Late Show/Toy Show/Friday Night/Toys/Kids/Christmas Toy Show/Hot chocolate/Treats/Christmas

1 x 500g Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate
1 x Bag mini marshmallows
1 x Tube Jelly Tots
1 x Tube Munchies
1 x Tube mini Rolos
1 x 100g Cadbury’s Santa
1 x 75g Cadbury’s Winter Wonderland Bar
1 x sharing bag Buttons
2 x Maltesers Reindeers
2 x Kit Kat Santa’s
2 x Lindt Santa’s
2 x Lindt Teddy’s
4 x candy canes
2 x packs white dipped Oreo’s

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